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GGBlue Hoody
GGBlue Skort
GGBlue Skort
GGBlue Skort
GGBlue Skort
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GGBlue has a lot of the typical golf shirts you see most places, but some of the shirts have small details that make them unique.  For example, the white and gray long sleeved Andi shirt, pictured above.  The oversized buttons on the shirt gives it just enough character to make it different.  With washing instructions of hand wash and line dry, I am going to have to watch it carefully, I have long arms so I could easily shrink this shirt and the sleeves will be too short.  So if you’re anything like me, tread carefully.


I got the Shana Skort and Cool Skort too (also pictured.)  When I put the Shana Skort on the first thing I thought is that it is SO comfy!!  My second observation is that it’s a little see-thru unfortunately but it does have shorts underneath so I’m not too concerned.  I think they just tried to keep it as light weight as possible for those hot days.  I love the bright colors they used on this skort.  The Cool Skort has some nice features so that it's not your typical black skort.  It has some pleats at the bottom and nice details on the pockets.  Not over the top but just enough different elements to step apart from the crowd.


Now, to my absolute favorite piece I received… the blue Cowl Hoody.  This piece shows me what GGBlue is truly capable of and I’m excited about it!  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the future, hopefully more fun pieces like this one.  There are two changes I would like to see on this to make it even better.  First, I would like a tagless tag in the shirt.  As I wore it the tag kept sneaking out.  To me that’s like leaving your fly down or not shutting your gas tank door once you’re done filling up.  Second, I would love to have the sleeves a little longer to allow room for thumb holes.  The movement while I wore this hoody was so great.  So many golf clothes are so predictable.  The Cowl Hoody is anything but predictable.  Way to go, GGBlue!  I also really want the Pricilla Jacket.  I have a sense that my feelings about the Cowl Hoody would be about the same with this jacket.


If you’re looking for a company with some exciting items, give GGBlue a try.  You can buy right on their website (so you don’t have to search out a pro shop that carries them!)  Just be careful with laundering t heir items, we wouldn’t want to ruin them after just one wear!


Oh!  One more thing!  The clothes are soft and it’s all super comfy!

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